Established in 2014, WedinArt aims to brighten your perfect day, while enhancing your event with a touch of Artistic Elegance!

We organize various types of events and provide you with abandant ideas, from Engagement Proposals, Bachelor Parties and Showers to Destination/Theme Weddings and Baptisms!

Trust us to plan and co-ordinate your Big Day! We are highly and fully committed to create and deliver an event that You & your Guests shall remember for years and years to come! Our promise is that you shall enjoy and cherish every single moment of your Big Day, without though being stressed out and overwhelmed by all the infinite details, meeting deadlines etc. that come up while planning an event.

We handle each and every single aspect of your Special Day, creating same from scratch based on your particular preferences and needs. Always respecting your personal style, we enhance the final outcome with a flair of Artistic Elegance!


  • Testimonial #3
    Elisavet & Panagiotis Got married on the 07th February, 2015

    We have to admit.. If it weren't for WedinArt we probably wouldn't be married yet! Hahahaha! We were so overwhelmed from the moment we decided to get married! All those details…

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  • Testimonial #2
    Maria & Thomas Got married on the 18th of October 2014

    Perfect perfect perfect! I am so pleased by the services we were provided with. Not only did everything run smoothly and without problems. We were stressed relieved since we knew…

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  • Testimonial #1
    Maria & Panagiotis Got married on the 26th of January 2013

    Everything was perfect! We got married in Mykonos Island and though in the morning it was pouring with rain, our mood was great! When I started getting dressed for my…

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The Summer is near... Get ready for new Adventures!
New places to see, new islands to explore, new paths to set foot on...
Abundant Sun.. Eternal Blue... Magnificent Seas and Romantic Sunsets....
What a better landscape do you have in mind to host your Wedding? 
WiA Amorgos
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